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p.m.works, inc., was created by Satoshi Yaginuma in 2011, designed to function as a record label as well as a production house.
Since its inception, we at p.m.works have participated in countless music productions both in studio and live environments.
Our team of creators and artists have worked on a number of video games and anime titles over the years.
Through our deep connections in the video game and anime industries, we have enjoyed collaborations with a diverse range of artists, as well as establishing ourselves as artists in our own right.
What we have experienced shaped our label into an unrivaled Digital J-Pop factory that is highly in tune with our listeners with whom we can share what music can give us all — utmost joy and passion.

Through our work in music production, we aim to deliver Digital J-Pop of the highest quality —- to you, our listeners of the world.

Satoshi Yaginuma
President, p.m.works, inc.

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