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a2c began his professional career in 2001 as a guitarist/composer/arranger, and formed a group MintJam in 2003.
He has participated in recordings by numerous artists, including fripSide, for whom he has played guitar parts since their earliest records.
Noted for emotional compositions, thick-sounding guitar tones and melodious performance, a2c has a large fan following.

Selected Works:
(Title / Artist / Role)

BGM for “Accel World”, TV Anime Series
“Narihibiita kodou no naka de, boku wa seijaku wo kiku”, Maon Kurosaki
Theme Song for “Real One Gokko”, movie
“Vanishing Point”, Maon Kurosaki
Japan Team Theme Song for “Legend of Chusen 2”, World Competitive Fighting Championship, an online RPG
“fuss fuzz”, Maon Kurosaki
Ending Theme Song for “Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead”. TV Anime
“Distant Promise”, Rita
Featured song for “Shinigami no kiss wa wakare no aji”, PC game
“Little Busters!”, Rita
Opening Theme Song for “Little Busters!”, TV anime
“Alicemagic”, Rita
Ending Theme Song for “Little Busters!”, TV anime
“Philosophyz”, Runa Mizutani
Opening Theme Song for “Rewrite”, TV anime
“Shooting Star”, KOTOKO
(arrangement, 2012 remake)
“SCAR ~invisible pain~”, Ken Narita
(music/arrangement) Featured song on “Beloved Angel Angelique: When Hearts Awaken”, TV anime
“Quest for Genesis”, MintJam
Featured song on “Accel World”, TV Anime Series
“Guilty”, MintJam
Featured song on “CHUNITHM”, video game
“Growing Up”, MintJam
Featured song on “Taiko no Tatsujin”, video game
“hysteria”, MintJam
Ending Theme Song for “Majokoinikki”, video game
Featured Theme Song for “Code of Joker S”, arcade card game

Additional Credits:
Guitar solos/overdubs on recordings by fripSide, ALTIMA, KOTOKO, IKU, Maos Kurosaki, ELISA, Rita, Yoi Sakakibara, Natsuko Asou, Sachika Misawa, Kurousa P, and others.

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