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Shinya Saito

Born: October 1, 1976, in Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
Hobbies/Interests: Computer programming, sweets.
Saito has worked as an arranger/composer since 2003, and is one of the best known sound creators in Japan for his contributions to the Digital J-Pop and Digital Rock/Ballad genres.
Extremely detailed programming and meticulous quality-control characterize his work.

Selected Works:
(Title / Artist / Role / Year)

"Believe", Nami Tamaki
3rd Opening Theme Song for TV Anime "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed"
(arrangement, 2003)
"Faze to love", Miyuki Hashimoto
(Opening Theme Song for TV Anime, "Gunparade Orchestra")
(music/arrangement, 2005)
"Shoujomeiro de tsukamaete", Aki Misato
Opening Theme Song for TV Anime, "Strawberry Panic"
(music/arrangement, 2006)
"Sorairo Days", Shoko Nakagawa
Opening Theme Song for TV Anime, "Gurren Lagann"
(music/arrangement, 2007)
"unripe hero", Minami Kuribayashi
Opening Theme Song for TV Anime, "Blassreiter" (later episodes)
"rainbow forecast", Shoko Nakagawa
Featured theme song in the film, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (Japanese Version)
(music/arrangement, 2009)
"Shirushi", Eri Kitamura
Opening Theme Song for TV Anime, "C3 (C Cube)" (later episodes)
(arrangement, 2011)
"B-Bird", earthmind
Ending Theme Song for "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", Episode 4, "At the Bottom of the Gravity Well"
"Love Brick", Nana Mizuki
"Switchgirl!!" (TV Drama) Theme Song
(music/arrangement, 2012)
"Arukou", Shoko Nakagawa
"Furusato Saisei Nihon no Mukashibanashi" (TV Anime) Ending Theme Song
(arrangement, 2013)
"Zoetrope", Nagi Yanagi
"Amnesia" (TV Anime) Opening Theme Song
(music/arrangement, 2013)
"ENERGY", earthmind
"Vividred Operation" (TV Anime) opening theme song
(music/arrangement, 2013)
"Innocent", earthmind
"Galilei Donna"(TV Anime) ending theme song
(music/arrangement, 2013)
"Butterfly Core", VALSHE
"Detective Conan" (TV Anime) 37th opening theme song
(music/arrangement, 2014)
"Tokohana", Nagi Yanagi
"Black Bullet" (TV Anime) ending theme song
(music/arrangement, 2014)
"eternal eternity", Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune
(voiced by Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Ohara)
"Sailor Moon Crystal" ending theme song (Season 3, "Death Busters")
(music/arrangement, 2016)
"Kienai Sora", Natsumi Kon
"Majestic Prince" (Anime Movie) theme song
(music/arrangement, 2016)
"Konotede", Rin Akatsuki
"Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga" ending theme song
(arrangement, 2017)

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